1600 Lines / Vertical MDF

Network Equipment & Antennas

1600 Lines / Vertical MDF

High Density MDF

1600 Lines Per Vertical, Height 3.5 Meters

For very large telephone exchanges, these type of main distribution frames can cater to multiples of 1600 lines. The main advantages of this MDF are :

It consumes less space - about 33% less than the standard MDF The built-in earth strip helps in easier installation and guaranteed earthing

The basic frame fabricated out of powder coated steel section is floor mounted with adequate space for exchange personal to install and maintain the equipment

Standards modules are used which provide positive connection and protective device which needs no maintenance and protect the exchange equipments from damage. Protection from dust is provided by means of dust cover. The installation of the distribution frame is extremely simple and demandingly requires very little man power.

Description Part No.
10 pair disconnection module assembly (A DP 10P 001)
8 pair disconnection module assembly (A DM 8P 001)
10 pair label holder (A DP 10P 013)
8 pair label holder (A E IT 1601)
Connection Tool (A DP 8P 003)
Dust Cover 8 pair (A TP 1005)
Dust cover 10 pair (A TP 1006)
IPM Assembly (A IPM 001)
Test Plug (4 Pole) (A IPM 004)
Number Plug (A CT 006)
BMF 9 pair (A DP 50 01 002)
BMF 11 pair (A DP 50 01 003)
10 pair disconnection plug (AE DP 10P 003)
Single pair disconnection Plug (AE DP 10P 004)