ADSL Splitters

AT AN 1300

Aeon Telectronics Pvt Ltd as part of its ongoing expansion has developed and added the Splitter to it product portfolio.
A Splitter is a small device, which is used in the broadband network along with DSL modem at the customer premisesThe Splitter when connected to the existing phone line separate the voice signal from high-speed data, and the connection to the internet is direct.

The Splitter has 1 input port where in the incoming telephone line is terminated, and 2-output port - one port is connected to the telephone instrument, and the other ports connected to the MODEM. This in turn helps the subscriber to have direct connection to the internet thus eliminating the typical delays due to busy signals connection time. It also allows the subscriber to take a voice call and browse the internet all at the same time.

The Splitter can be supplied in 2 our multi output ports as per the requirements of the broad bannd service provider.