Net Telephone Equipments - Analog Telephone Adopter

Analog Telephone Adaptors ATS 1100 Series

Aeon Telectronics Pvt Limited has recently launched a range of products for the VOIP market like Analog Telephone adaptor (ATA).

An analog telephone adaptor (ATA) is a device used to connect a standard telephone to a computer or network so that the user can make calls over the internet. Internet-based long distance calls can be substantially cheaper than calls transmitted over the tradiational telephone system, and ATA’s are typically cheaper than specialised VOIP phones that connect directly to a computer’s Universal Serial Bus (USB) port.

Aeon ATA 1100 series provide voice, fax and data services for individuals and SOHO subscribers by connecting the subscribers terminal unit such as PC, Telephone, Fax machine to the IP network.


General System features

  • Ports : 
    RJ11 port: The GCE experiences in providing high quality IP-voice service and helps to ensure that the products provide the clear, robust voice quality which end user have come to expect from telephony services .

    • LAN port: 1 10/100BaseTX port (RJ-45 connector).

    • WAN port: 1 WAN port.

  • Optional inter-communicability : Supports server standard protocol such as SIP/MGCP and so on. 

  • Configure and manage : Supports WEB/SNMP/Telnet/Console configuration methods

  • Update : You can choose different ways to update the software such as Http .FTP or series port to get new features of the products without changing the hardware.


General System functions

Call Processing
DTMF detection G.711 A Law, G.711 U Law, G729, G.723.1, LBC(optional)
Call progress Tones and User Defined Tones generation G.168-2000 compliant 128m sec lengthadaptive Echo Cancel
Ring generation High performance Voice Activity Detector(VAD) and Comfort Noise Generator
Reverse voltage to support billing High quality Bad Frame Interpolation
Support 5 CID standards: Bellcore1,Bellcore2, ETSI 1, ETSI 2 and NTT Automatic input and output gain control
FAX based on T.38  
SIP RFC3261/RFC2543 Up to 2 10/100 Base TX ports (RJ-45 connector) layer 2 switch or layer 3 soft router
MGCP V1.0 IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3x
NCS V1.0 ToS
RTP, RTCP Provisioning FTP


The ports of AEON ATA 1100 series products:
P\1 AT AD 1101 AT AD 1102 AT AD 1103 AT AD 1104 AT AD 1108 AT AD 1124
2 2 4 8 24<
LAN 1 1 4 4 1 1
WAN 1 1 1 1 1 1