Cable Termination Boxes

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Cable Termination Boxes (CT Box)

CT box consist of a set of 10 pair disconnection module. These modules are fixed on a stainless steel back mounting frame along with a label holder. A transparent dust cover is provided as a part of CT Box. Mounting fixtures are provided so as to facilitate the fixing of the back mount frame on to the CT cabinet. The CT box is suitable for terminating cable and jumper side wires in cable distribution setup. the module are suitable to take conductors with an overall diameter including the insulation

Facilities :

Surge protection can be provided by the use of an IPM which intern can be mounted on the module. Isolation of the cable scale and jumper side with disturbing this wiring is possible by the use of single pair disconnection plug or 10 pair disconnection plug. Testing of the lines isolating the cable & jumper side is possible by inserting the test cord, which can be isolated into the cable of that module without disturbing the wiring.

Application :

It can be mainly used for making gas tight, corrosion proof contact in cabinet & pillars.

A CT Box consist of :

Disconnection/connection module 10 no

Dust cover 1no

Back mount frame 1 no

Label holder 1 no