Caller ID Phone



Salient Features :

  • Dual mode caller ID (DTMF/FSK)
  • To review the Missed Calls and received calls through Up/down Keys
  • Single touch Out Key to view the dialed numbers
  • Multiple rings option with 8 ring tones
  • Real time clock, date, month and year settings
  • Duplex speaker phone with 4 levels of volume adjustment
  • Pre dialing function, to edit a wrong entry before dialing out
  • Ringer volume adjustment from 0 to 3 levels
  • 4 levels of LCD contrast
  • Temporary ringer mute
  • Adjustable Flash time
  • Mute and redial function
  • One touch keys for network services like customer-care, 2nd call and conference (for this the network should be able to support)
        • Call waiting available (for this network should be able to support
        • One touch key for Quick dial
  • Menu key : interface for navigating through the phone menu back light facility with ON/OFF (back light works with batteries only)

APAE 10 - Download Specifications