EHS Policy



DOC No: EP02
REV No: 00

Prepared by: MR
Date: 01.06.2012

Approved by: CEO
Date: 01.06.2012


Environment Policy

Aeon has long recognized the necessity for responsible environmental management and conservation of resources. Aeon also recognized the global nature of environmental matters and the importance of constructive co-operation in achieving international environmental conservation. Aeon will continue to demonstrate leadership through our commitment to environmental management and the principles of sustainable development.

We will continue to recognize and exercise our responsibility to:

  • Conserve natural resources through the use of optimized process and other appropriate methods.
  • Prevent pollution at the source wherever and whenever possible.
  • Manufacturing and development that support a sustainable environment.
  • continuous improvement through company and employee's initiative.
  • Assure that our facilities and products are in compliance with applicable Indian and local environmental requirements, and in conformance with other applicable environmental obligations.
  • Assist, whenever possible, governmental agencies, and other official organizations engaged in environmental activities.


            Narasimhan N                                                                       Chidambaram B C
            C.E.O                                                                                     Director