Electronics Manufacturing Services

PCB Assembly

  • SMT machines – complete line with stencil printer/ Pick and place machine (Juki make) and reflow oven
  • Wave Soldering`
  • Electronic Assembly lines and functional testing as per customer requirements
    • The team with over 20 years experience has complete knowledge of PCB assembly, debugging, testing and product assembly
    • We have inhouse MDA (manufacturing defect analysis) to check every PCB

PCB design

Strategic Tie-up with a 3rd party design house.The design house would work closely with us with respect to both software and hardware design and support us until it goes in for production

Assembly services

  • SMT
  • Through-hole components
  • Functional testing depending on the requirement
  • MDA test facility available to provide end-customer error-free boards

Facilities include


  • Juki SMT and placer – upto 10,000cph
  • Stencil printer – TMPL
  • Five zone reflow oven – TMPL
  • Single wave soldering machine -TMPL
  • Dual wave soldering machine -TMPL
  • Manufacturing defect analyzer (MDA) – jet 300