Welcome to Aeon Telectronics Pvt Ltd

Aeon specialises in manufacture of Thermoset / Thermo Plastic Moulded parts, Electrical panel assemblies, Electronic assemblies and Mechanical assemblies for a diverse range of industries.




Custom Made Moulded Components

Thermoset / Thermo Plastic Moulded parts.

FGRP Products for Electrical Utilities

Energy Meters, DTC metring Boxes, Street Lighting Boxes .

Non-Metallic Enclosures

Standard Type SMC Cabinets with Metal Base Plate, Flush Type Junction Cabinets with Metal Base Plate.


Telecom & Electronic Products

Called ID Phones, Line Jack Units, ADSL Splitters and more .

Electrical Panels Assembly

Busbar Assembly, Panel testing and more .

End-to-End Boxed Product Solutions

This section will be updated shortly...


Telecom Customer Premise Equipment

Caller ID Telephones, Line Jack, ADSL Spliiters, Network Equipment & Antennas, CPE Power Packs

Products to Fight COVID

Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispensers, PPE, Face Shields, IR Thermometers